Temporary Boiler for Water Chiller Heat load testing

Temporary Boiler for Water Chiller Heat load testing

The Challenge

This application required an opposing heat source to load test a data centre cooling capacity to prove the chillers were capable of rejecting the heat put into the system by the temporary boiler. Due to the input temperature restrictions of the chillers and the lack of power to run electric boilers a gas fired boiler was sought to provide a solution.

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Boiler Hire For Hospitals



Boiler Hire For Hospitals


Temporary cooling and ventilation

Boiler Hire For Hospitals

Total KW

85kw cooling

The Survey

The survey ended being quite technical as the chillers were already in position on the roof of the building, this meant the heating would need to be pumped onto the roof from the ground floor carpark. A bypass was specified to help reduce the heat input and the boiler used would also be fitted with wireless controls to turn it off when the desired temperature was reached in the buffer tank.

The Solution

The 500kW Rapid boiler design provided plenty of heat for the 5 800kw chillers requiring testing, the inclusion of a two pump system, large plate heat exchanger and 10,000 litre buffer tank all worked well together to solve the clients challenge and once commissioned a steady 30 degrees was delivered to the chillers to load the chillers fully on all circuits, a couple of minor changes were implemented on the pipework to ensure that they didn’t collapse under their own weight.

The Result

The consultant engineering business employed to undertake the test were very impressed with the level of flexibility rental offers, they conduct regular testing like this and have assured Rapid Boilers we will be asked to do more of this in the future.

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