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Boiler Hire

Heating interrupted? An immediate response is guaranteed from Rapid Boiler Hire’s expert engineers who specialise in fast and seamless equipment installation and 24/7 support.

The Benefits of Rapid Boiler Hire

Our temporary boilers are quick and easy to install. All the equipment you need is supplied on a turnkey basis and supported by on-call engineering support.  However long you need our equipment, you can have total confidence in its efficient operation. We keep a huge number of modern boilers in stock for immediate deployment. If you’re suffering a heating breakdown, we can help you right now.

Commercial Boiler Hire

Avoid The Cost of Ownership

Replacing a boiler is a major investment. In the short term, renting from Rapid Boiler Hire could prove more cost-effective. Ask us about our rates.

Contingency Planning

Putting a contingency strategy in place with Rapid Boiler Hire involves a quick site visit, making a note of site conditions and setting up lines of communication. It is totally free and could prove incredibly valuable one day.

Rapid Boiler Hire Services

Rapid Boiler Hire provides cost-effective, flexible, scalable temporary heating solutions nationwide. You are also guaranteed expert servicing following the manufacturer’s requirements and 24/7 call-out response to ensure continuity of service throughout any rental period.


Fast supply


Reduced costs


Fully packaged


Multi-Fuel options


Compact Designs


Professional Advice


24/7 Support

Need Help Now?

Our team of boiler hire experts are waiting to take your call. They can immediately put a plan in place to restore your heating provision. It all starts with a phone call. Why wait?

Commercial Boiler Hire
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