Portable Electric
Boiler Hire

Portable Electric Boiler hire packages from Rapid Boiler provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for your heating and hot water requirements.

Portable Electric Boiler Hire

Rapid Boiler Hire’s portable electric boiler hire services provide maximum flexibility with the minimum of hassle They’re typically self-contained, quick to install and straightforward to operate. This makes them the ideal type of boiler for short-term rental.

Portable Electric Boiler Rental Stock

To respond to critical situations, access to a large well-maintained rental fleet is vital. We hold many easy-to-deploy portable electric boilers in stock ready to deploy. Talk to us about your requirements.

Portable Electric Boiler Hire
Electric heating systems available as stand alone packages, including AHU's with heater banks, power generation, cable systems and ducting. Really great systems for those hard to reach places.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Portable Electric Boiler Hire

Electric Boiler Hire
Get In Touch

Reach out to us by phone, email or our contact forms and we’ll take basic details of your requirements.

Electric Boiler Hire
Our Proposal

If required, a swift site survey can be undertaken and we can propose a portable electric boiler rental package for you.

Electric Boiler Hire
Delivery & Installation

Once you sign our proposal, our expert teams deliver, install and commission your portable electric boiler on a 100% turnkey basis.

Electric Boiler Hire
24/7 Support

We provide our portable electric boiler rental customers full engineering services in line with manufacturer’s guidance and 24/7 call-out support.

Is My Site Suitable For A Portable Electric Boiler Rental?

Our portable electric boiler packages are incredibly flexible with a huge variety of sizes and footprints available. We will find a way to fit most places.

Our smaller range of electric boiler are popular with sites that have very limited access

What Is Included In A Typical Portable Electric Boiler Package?

Electric Boiler Hire
Portable Electric Boiler Packages

Our electric portable boiler packages include everything you need to get started. We’ll make sure the equipment is expertly installed & commissioned too.

Electric Boiler Hire
Ancillary Equipment

We hold large stocks of ancillary equipment from extra pipework to room heaters that we can add to any of our portable electric packages.

Electric Boiler Hire
Pipework & Connections

Our portable electric packages include all the power connections and pipework you need to get started. It’s a ‘plug-in-and-play’ service.

Electric Boiler Hire

All relevant documentation, including safety risk assessments, is presented throughout your portable electric boiler rental period.

A Partner You Can Trust

Rapid Boiler Hire has been delivering portable electric boilers for many years. We have a long list of happy clients to prove it.

Portable Electric Boiler Hire
Different options we can offer include electric heating AHU's installed for office heating and ventilation.

Having your 22Kw portable boilers on site from day one made all the difference. They proved perfect for the job just as you promised. We’ll be back next time!

Portable Electric Boiler Rental Customer 2019

How to Book A Portable Electrical Boiler Rental

You can minimise your downtime by contacting us now – by phone, email or through our contact forms. Our portable electrical boiler rental service starts as soon as we hear from you. We know how critical interrupted heating and hot water can be.

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