Boiler Hire
For Offices

We help employers maintain uninterrupted heating during maintenance or emergencies – creating a comfortable and safe environment for office workers and visitors.

Office Buildings & Work Environments

Rapid Boiler Hire plays a pivotal role in maintaining office heating and hot water in the face of maintenance periods or unexpected breakdowns. We can supply temporary boilers that step in to minimise disruption to business operations. Our speedily deployed solutions cater to the specific heating needs of offices and support the well-being of staff.

Need Help With Your Office Heating?

Our team of boiler hire experts are waiting to take your call. They can immediately put a plan in place to restore your heating provision to your offices. It all starts with a phone call. Why wait?

Boiler Hire For Offices
Our office boiler hire services can be delivered and installed at times to suite your business operations. This 600kw office boiler hire package was installed over a week end to get a very happy client's heating services back on line after a breakdown.

Take The Stress Out Of Office Boiler Rental

Rapid Boiler Hire makes hiring a boiler for your office easy. We reduce the stress of managing temporary heating systems and our hassle-free service ensures warmth and comfort for staff. Focus on education while we handle your heating needs effortlessly.

Boiler Hire For Hospitals
Get In Touch

Reach out to us by phone, email or our contact forms

Boiler Hire For Hospitals
Our Proposal

We will propose a bespoke office rental package for you.

Boiler Hire For Hospitals
Delivery & Installation

Our experts deliver, install and commission your office boiler.

Boiler Hire For Hospitals
24/7 Support

We provide our office rental customers full 24/7 call-out support.

Boiler Hire For Offices
Our smaller boiler hire packages can be located remotely from your building in discreet locations to minimise disruption.

Is My Office Building Suitable For Boiler Rental?

Our boiler hire packages are incredibly flexible. We can deliver the right boiler to your school and plug in and play.

Expert Boiler Rental Advice

Need help determining the right rental package for your office? Relax, we have years of experience helping clients with temporary and emergency workplace heating. Our team stands ready to share their expertise, answer and recommend the right solution.

A 300kw condensing boiler rental unit being lifted into a site. Crane mounted lorries like this can be used to get boiler plant into the trickiest locations. Furthermore, our solid lift frames can also be skidded safely into position.

How to Book An Office Boiler Rental

You can minimise your downtime by contacting us now – by phone, email or through our contact forms. Our office rental service starts as soon as we hear from you. We act fast because we know how critical interrupted heating and hot water can be.

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