Exploring the Advantages of Temporary Boiler Hire or Rental

When considering heating, hot water or steam provision, building and facilities managers can, of course, choose between two options; purchasing a boiler outright and temporarily hiring or renting one. The right answer depends on a wide range of factors. The traditional approach of purchasing a boiler involves acquiring and installing a permanent unit for long-term use. The alternative of short-term rental is, however, the more appropriate choice in a wider range of circumstances than you might imagine.

Exploring the Advantages of Temporary Boiler Hire or Rental

Our latest blog delves into the benefits of choosing temporary boiler hire and aims to shed light on its suitability in various cases. If you are faced with the choice yourself, we trust it proves a useful read and provides some food for thought.

Short-Term Boiler Hire

It is self-evident that a temporary boiler hire is the right approach if your heating or hot water requirements aren’t going to last for any extended period. Instances such as equipment downtime and maintenance, construction projects or public events often necessitate either a temporary boost in heating capacity or a whole new hot water provision.

Cold weather or other changes in the environment can often act as prompts, but not always. Sometimes an industrial application needs additional hot water for a brief period. Unplanned emergency requirements can always throw a spanner in the works too.

In all these cases, and more, opting for temporary boiler hire allows individuals and businesses to meet transient needs without committing to the significant financial investment required for purchase.

Exploring the Advantages of Temporary Boiler Hire or Rental

Cost-Effective Hot Water & Heating

Renting or hiring an industrial or commercial boiler more often than not proves to be a cost-effective strategy, particularly for scenarios involving temporary or intermittent heating needs. Why would you make permanent changes for an issue only relevant over the short to mid-term? The upfront cost of purchasing a boiler can be substantial, coupled with ongoing expenses related to installation, operations, maintenance and repairs.

The key financial benefit of temporary boiler hire or rental is the fact that budget-holders only need to pay for the duration of any specific need. This could be measured in days and weeks, rather than many years as is the case of a permanent procurement and installation. In this way, rental becomes a short-term operational cost rather than a capital investment.

Rental, as a result, is the ideal solution to avoid financial strain. It is often the preferred choice of those holding the purse strings as with a straightforward rental contract, it is easy to only pay for the time you have a boiler on site. Daily rates can often be lower than you think so it is always worth asking for a quotation before making any decision.

Flexibility and Scaling

Boiler hire presents a level of flexibility that is difficult to match when purchasing. Rental lets you pick from a huge range of boiler types, sizes and capacities. You can select a boiler that precisely matches your temporary heating or hot water requirements. If these requirements change, it is easy to respond with a replacement.

Choosing a rental solution lets you scale your heating and hot water provision with the minimum of stress and hassle. It is straightforward to increase or decrease capacity as your circumstances evolve. Misplaced assumptions and inaccurate initial demand assessments can easily be corrected. Change is much more time-consuming and costly if boilers are purchased.

Speed and Convenience

Boiler rental companies, like ourselves, typically keep stock at their depots ready for immediate despatch. In the case of emergency rental, there is often no lead time at all. Imagine the convenience of delivery and installation within 24 hours of identifying a requirement. 

A rental boiler is usually installed by experienced engineers who can handle the entire process with minimal input from you. Boiler hire from reputable suppliers should always be a plug-in-and-play turnkey experience. This typically saves clients from having to spend time and resources sourcing, purchasing and installing a boiler independently.

Maintenance and Support Packages

One of the significant advantages of opting for a temporary boiler hire agreement is they are often inclusive of comprehensive maintenance and support provisions. Reputable hirers, like us, take accountability for all operational issues during the rental period meaning the client does not have to worry about performance or downtime. 

In the case of faults or poor performance, rental company engineers can attend, assess the situation, and problem-solve as required. This is often on a 24/7 basis meaning any malfunctioning units can be repaired or, if needs be, swiftly and easily replaced.


We have only been able to consider a handful of the benefits associated with renting or hiring a temporary boiler in this short blog.  As a choice, however, it offers a flexible, cost-effective and hassle-free solution for meeting short to mid-term heating or hot water requirements. By choosing this option, hirers can focus their attention on their core business and everyday activities. The time, effort, stress and financial commitment of purchasing a boiler outright can be avoided. 

Our team of experts is always available to provide advice and guidance to potential hirers. Do feel free to contact us to discuss any requirements.  

Exploring the Advantages of Temporary Boiler Hire or Rental

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